Tidy - Play Clean


Tidy - Play Clean

Play with your Gallery instead of fighting it!
Intuitive, Quick, Fun & Saves Time



How many photos and videos have you took in the past year? How much time does it take to organize and clean your Gallery from unnecessary Media?

How much time does it take you to delete one picture? (Test it yourself, open a timer it's gonna take a long time!)

Deleting media from your mobile device is frustrating but,

NOT ANYMORE! BE A TIDER AND Join our fast, growing community!

A FACT! Did you know? In a year an average person takes 3,650 photos & videos, about 14 Trillion photos around the globe.

Tidy will help you organize and clean your Gallery with 5 simple rules (Guaranteed):

* Simple
* Quick
* Addictive 
* In a fun way (most important)
That will save you plenty of time and space your mobile device.

Open Tidy, watch all your media in full-screen mode
* Swipe Left - Drop the photo or video
* Swipe Right - Keep the photo or video

Play with your Gallery instead of fighting it.

Back from a trip?
Took many selfies and you need only 1?
Having too many new photos on your device?
Your Device Is Running Low On Storage Space?

Tidy will remind you to clean and organize your Gallery

Sick and tired of overpaying for cloud services when you probably don't even need them?

Tidy will Clean unnecessary GBs of media from your device in an instance and fun way

Main key features:

- No Login, install and start playing, yes that simple!

- Swiping Right KEEP your media.

- Swiping Left DROP your media.

- Compare mode (Story mode), Touch Right or Left on each picture to see the previous or the next one in line, for fast forwarding and examine pictures minor changes.

- Share media, touch on the share icon and simply share your best photos or videos with instagram, facebook or your other favourite social network.

- Share & Delete - Picture of a friend? send it to him and delete automatically.

- Share media, touch on the share icon and simply share your best photos or videos.

- Organize & Play with specific Album, you can choose specific Album and play with it.

- Media Filters,  there are various filters that you can apply on your gallery before playing:
a. Duplicate media
b. Videos
c. Screen shots
d. By media size
f. By specific time period
g. By a specific album or selected pictures

- Undo, swiped left or right by a mistake? don't worry touch on the undo button to cancel your previous play.

All Tidy’s features are playful and fun

Be a TIDER and join us :)