Exploration: Pixel WorldCraft 3D Game - Jingjing Feng

Exploration: Pixel WorldCraft 3D Game

Jingjing Feng

Genre: Games

Release Date: 05 October 2014

" 5 Stars!!! Great open world sandbox building game!!!" In the Hungry games, you enter a survival world. Block wall lock you at the center of the map. Here's some notes can help you out: 1. Chests scattered randomly around the arena which contain useful weapons and items. 2. If you die, All you items will be lost and you start spectating. 3. You'll get hungry and start starving, so don't forget to eat/drink. In the Exploration, you can Explore, dig and build in a voxel world, build on the move, Dig blocks, Mine resources, Craft hundreds of items, Travel day and Survive at night! You can also build anything you can image, share world with friends via WIFI or enter some online multiplayer world. Give us feedback and rate us! If you have any question about this game, please send us mail. This game is inspired by Minecraft and the like. This app is base on Minetest project, check https://goo.gl/MgzGCx to know more about it.

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